Updated AMP/MCMA

For some reason we lost our MCMA license which caused the server to stop and disable its self. I have updated MCMA and re upped the license so everything should be good.

Overviewer updates

Updated Overviewer to support 1.15.2, also moved it from IIS to Apache because i got tired of the permissions issues

Also i added markers to the map so we can see the last location of players, signs and spawn points

Overviewer is Back!

They have updated Overviewer, it now supports 1.14

check it out at https://dangerzone.biz/overviewer


We have added a new server its 1.6.4 and its running Minecraft Forge.

Currently its Survival with the Hats 2.0.2 Mod installed

To play install Forge Click here it will create a new profile for you on the Minecraft Launcher called “Forge”

Place the Hats mod in your mods directory Click here to download the Hats Mod

Fire it up hit multiplayer add the server “dangerzone.biz” (no port) and Play!

the links are on the side bar for convenience as well.



OS updates between 1400-1500 on 11/13/2013