Josh deleted this last time

Josh said I didn’t post enough, then he deletes the post I add. And he wonders why I don’t post more. 😛

So here it is again…


Fort Kick Ass


This is the distilled essence of pure win, poured into a tranquillizer bullet, and shot into the face of a gorilla.

Shoot the Moon

I was on the bedrock last night, mining some obsidian, and while looking up, I saw the moon through my glass ceiling. It looked kinda neat, so I took a screenshot. I am thinking about trying to build it into my roof. It could look neat as well.

Shoot the Moon

Slimes for Joe

Here is the screenshot with the coords on it so that you might be able to find where these guys are. Since I’m right there, maybe I’ll just block off a big room and put some signs on it.

EDIT: Here is the location on the dynmap.



This Weekend’s Dig

Well, I have been digging a lot this weekend, and here are the results.



I think I need to come up with something to do with this space now. I am not sure I want to dig in here anymore, lol.