Server Status

Removed old Server status logo’s, they were inaccurate and slow if the ports were blocked.

I have created a new status using a server side php script that will query the server and look for a response.

Updated Server

We have updated the server to the latest PHP and corresponding extensions, let me know if there is any issues on the website via comments




Well I didn’t quite get finished with my haunted house ride in time for Halloween but it’s mostly finished.  All the wiring and main house are done minus a few decorations and the ambient lighting.  Now just trying to finished the underground stuff asap.  Here are some pictures.


Main building and start of the ride:


The entry hall.  The doors and light will change as the minecart goes through.



The dining area.



The kitchen with dripping blood.



The demonic room which is slowly taking over the house.



Then you end up outside in the graveyard where you start your descent underground.  Awaiting you down there is a skull which is still being worked on.