Finished the Blaze farm

I guess I wasn’t to far from finished last night.  Got this thing up and running and it works great.

I even put in a viewing area.  I still need to figure out how to make the whole area pretty though.  Probably do that later.

I’m back!

I can play minecraft again!  Was working on some random stuff but nothing good enough for pictures.  Here’s what happens when you afk at Hoff’s spawner for too long


While working on my potions room I decided to start yet another large project.  This time in the nether. It’s nowhere near done but here’s a sneak peek.

Giant library

Finally got the outside finished.  This thing is going to take forever to finish 100% but it looks good so far.


Main level will house my enchanting area.  I think I’ll leave the mid level open and put some sort of cray garden or waterfall or something in it.  I got the circuitry for my enchantment table mostly worked out.  It should allow for a simple button press to control the number of books placed near the table.

Fanciest sheep pen in the land

I finally finished my sheep pen.  It extremely overkill but I like it.  This is from the roof of the entrance.  I still need to build the bridge to this place but may move to another project for a bit.

And a shot from the other end.



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