WARNING do not use minecarts at all, especially in the nether or end.

The video above shows what is happening but there is a very bad bug right now where leaving the carts puts you far away from where the cart was. In the nether or the end this will kill you 90% of the time. Avoid all minecarts for now.


Until i can get this crap resolved (read previous post) i would watch the site, specifically the ping section

if the pings get all banana sandwich  (500-1K+) i would reccomend holding off on doing anything dangerous IE, Swimming/Underwater building, Movement near lava (already got me once), unlit areas.


Keep an eye on this it might save your life and your diamond armor. 🙁

State of the Union

Comcast has finally come clean and told me that they my business class plan that our server is on is hooked into an older network that they are phasing out.  So apparently the reason our pings/connections have been so S*@(y is because they are slowly shutting down the nodes that are in my area forcing people to the new stuff.  but here comes the kicker the new plans are faster 🙂 which is a plus, but…. all the new plans have to be “bundled” so i have to get an analog phone 🙁 EEEK which i don’t need (already setup on voip) so i don’t know what is going to happen.  Ill keep you guys posted on the goings on.

In the mean time i apologize for the connection issues, i will see if i can get this resolved fast.

Quick exploration


So I ran around a bit and found some of the new stuff. I mostly got flowers but I have two of the big ones, roses and lilacs if anyone needs. Still need to find the new trees, packed ice, podzol and more of the flowers. Some of the new biomes seem really cool. Haven’t found the best ones yet though. Word of warning something seems really buggy right now. My client was crashing every 5 minutes or so while exploring so we’ll have to figure that out. There are also issues with bed textures and some other textures that Mojang is working on fixing.

1.7.2 is now live!

We ran the patch that should fix all the structures and have pushed out 1.7.2 vanilla. This means no more dynmap for now but there is so much stuff added now. Time to go ‘splorin. Here’s a quick video of some of the changes: