Wither trapped in wood machine

So I finally spawned the Wither for the wood breaker machine.  It works great but eats through bonemeal.  In a couple minutes we got like 6 stacks trees at the cost of 6 stacks or more bonemeal.  Please do not use this if you don’t know how it operates.  Never enter the machine now that it is sealed.  Never trail mobs near the machine.  Never use machine when server is behaving poorly.  Never bring wolves, cats, horses, pigs or anything near this machine.




OS updates between 1400-1500 on 11/13/2013

New flower and Nano farms

I got a whole bunch of stuff done today.  The wood farm isn’t quite ready so I’ll post again when it is.  I did however redo my nano farm to be more server friendly and also built a simple double tall flower farm.


This nano works similar to the rest except that it has an adjustable delay on the piston in case the server is laggy.   It should work every time now instead of 1:5 like it was before





The double tall flower farm is just a burnout clock powering bonemeal dispensers.  I decorated it to match the rest of my greenhouse area.



Super secret wood farm

I’ve started work on the auto wood farm. Going to have to be very careful with this since a live wither will be trapped inside. It should be failproof but who knows what server glitches will do. I’ll have to add mob barriers and safety escape hatches just in case.


New fishing

With 1.7 there is a new fishing system.  There is all kinds of good stuff you can get from fishing.  Since fishing is super slow people have already come up with afk fishing hut designs.  I took one such design and put in a fancy little fishing hut house.  I have to figure out the best way to route the loot so it’s hidden but everything else is working great.



fishhutfront fishhut



In around 3 hours of afking I got the following loot: