It’s been a while since anyone has posted screens of anything.  I’ve mostly been busy working on trying to clean up my base a bit.  I reworked my main tower exterior and redid some of the retaining walls behind it.  I also finally grew the tree supports at my deck and added a few paths.  It’s been slow going getting everything to look right unfortunately.  I think I may take a break and go work on another roller coaster at my amusement park.




I also took a trip out to see what my brother has been working on.  It was very impressive so I took a couple screenshots to share.  First is his giant tree base.




The second is a Japanese themed castle he is working on




As a bonus here’s a weird glitch I encountered the other day with the io.netty errors.  I somehow managed to be in the server twice.




That’s all for now.  Hopefully Brent gets around to posting some of the neat stuff they’ve been working on.