Not sure if we should be posting here or in the forum with new pics of stuff.  For now I”l post here with completed builds and in the forums for other random stuff.


Finished my lighthouse.  Had a little mishap with it burning to the ground but I think I got the lava under control now.




Updated DZ

See forum for more details

Fort Kick Ass


This is the distilled essence of pure win, poured into a tranquillizer bullet, and shot into the face of a gorilla.

Just like JFK said “We choose to build on the moon”

66 days ago we started a epic journey one that took us into the 8 bit world of minecraft and has forever changed our mufti player lives forever….

Happy 66th (day) birthday DangerZone

Shoot the Moon

I was on the bedrock last night, mining some obsidian, and while looking up, I saw the moon through my glass ceiling. It looked kinda neat, so I took a screenshot. I am thinking about trying to build it into my roof. It could look neat as well.

Shoot the Moon