It works!



After many long days I have finally finished the automatic potion brewing machine!  Well technically I only got it wired and working but I’ll work on the building for it later.  This machine should handle any potion type and will continue brewing until you turn it off or run out of ingredients.

Ingredients are selected here:



I was unable to put any logic in it to prevent you from brewing with incorrect combinations as that would take a massive amount of space and wouldn’t be worth it.  For easier brewing of common potions I added a way to customize 3 presets found here:



Now for a bunch of pictures of all the crazy wiring involved in this:

brewclock brewreceivers brewswitches brewprewires

Auto potion machine

I’ve been designing a fully automatic potion brewing machine.  I plan to have it able to load any ingredient and continuously brew until turned off.  I also want it to have easily set presets for the most common potions.  So far I got the timing down and a failsafe in case you accidentally turn off the system too early.



Now I need to figure out ingredient droppers and a system to detect when you run out of ingredients.

Auto food machine

With the updates to bonemeal and the addition of hoppers I decided to upgrade my automatic wheat, cocoa, potato and carrot farm.  It’s the ethos design and is much better than the old version.



And here’s a random shot of Jordan’s new house since we have been lacking pictures of late.



Shout out to Tim for figuring out the MCMA api changes! thanks again!