Golem Farm

After about a week of planning and building we finally finished the golem farm.  It needs a bit of work to clean up the area and make it look awesome but it works!  We learned a couple of important lessons: always double check your measurements and infinite village spawners are dangerous.  We had so many villagers spawning at one point the server was crashing.  Luckily we got it under control before we afked here or we would have killed this area permanently.



New stuff

I have started working on cleaning up my island and finishing some of the many projects I’ve left part done.  First thing I did was finish up the cafe I built a long time ago.   I laid the flooring and built the rest of the patio seating.   I also started finishing up the main floor of my tower that has sat empty for a year.  Sick of falling and swimming to the sheep pen I decided to also finish up the bridge connecting it to my main island.






Jordan started working on his fancy village for the villagers and got his three main buildings done.  I think they turned out really nice, especially this sky light.





After much hard work and much 辛苦-ness we have successfully merged my brother’s and friends’ world into our own.  You can find them north of Hoff’s base.  There are some ugly tears that need fixing so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.  We also added their tree fort thingy to the east of Joe’s base.


This is how it went down.  First Josh was confused as to where he was supposed to grab so he added the tree fort.  Once we had the right location MCEdit kept crashing.  It took maybe 10 or so tries to successfully save out the chunks we wanted.  Once we got that it crashed repeatedly trying to add them to our world.  Finally we got it and started smoothing out the tears some.  Unfortunately we never saved and it crashed again.  Once we got it saved we realized we didn’t check the options to fill in the air and water.  This means all the water fell improperly and any space on their server that was air was filled with whatever we had already on ours.  The village had a desert dumped on it, all the underground caves got filled in and messed up and Jordan’s mountain home turned more into Jordan’s mountain.  We got it saved again, this time with all the air and water correct but we realized we stuck them into a freezing biome which ruined all of their water devices.  Finally we got them where they are now.  Hopefully it’s all good.  We did a quick walkthrough and have declared a success.