Update to snapshot?

I know we don’t normally do this but would there be interest in updating to one of the more stable snapshots?  I was thinking one that Hermitcraft uses so we can start doing some of the new stuff.  There are still bugs and it is a snapshot so I’m not sure of all the problems in it.  Let us know.

Happy Birthday!

Happy 29th ColMatrix!



Gold farm done -ish

I have finished up the building for the gold farm.  As with everything I do I’m not sure on the look and will probably update things as I go.


The front where you ride the minecart to the afk spot.


The portal is opposite down the main hallway.


The view from the portal.


The villagers who trade for gold and rotten flesh will be on the sides of the hallway.


The side view.  The surroundings still needs some terraforming.


While afking some pigmen and items will go through the portals.  They are collected and killed here to prevent massive lag when entering the nether in this area.  It is highly recommended to never go through one of the big spawning portals or you will end up here.

Minecraft Honest Trailer


Hey look, another gold farm!

I was watching some videos of different gold farm ideas and I figured we should build another one that will run less efficiently than our original farm.  I decided to try the over world giant portal version.  ~5000 obsidian later I got it built.




The random spawned pigmen walk off into water troughs that lead them to a crusher.  This one should handle the chicken pigmen just fine.  All the drops are funneled into the basic bulk storage and sorting system.




The player has to afk in the middle of this thing to keep the pigmen walking or they’ll get stuck on the edges of the portal until they despawn.






The rates aren’t quite as good as the original farm but it looks cool and we could always add more portals if we really wanted to.