MC Authentication servers are down.

There’s nothing we can really do about it as Moajang has to fix it. For updates go here:

1.6.4 is out but…

…it doesn’t look like it does anything so we’ll stay on 1.6.2 for now so we can keep the map. You will need to set a new profile in your launcher to run 1.6.2 if you don’t have it already.

Bye Bye Forum

It seemed the Forum was just filled with spam and bots, I decided to trash it.  It was creating a huge load on the SQL server and it was almost all caused by the bots.

Lemme know if you want it back in the comments


I think I’ve finally decided on a chicken coop.  It actually does pretty well not letting the chickens escape too.  On the sides are the egg laying chickens and the middle has the auto hatcher and cooker.  It’s mostly for looks but I could really up the meat production if I wanted.




I’ve also started adding sorters to everything which needlessly complicates things, oh well.  Circuit so far sorts the feathers and meat and has overflow protection.



Server has the dumb

This is what happens when the server decides to randomly rotate part of your base.