I have recompiled the ICE plugin for the version of php we are using, so we can now see who is using mumble and use PHP Mumble admin!

Park Entrance

Since I need to start laying out my park and making common areas I figured I’d decide where my park entrance would be.  I found a good, rounded, out-cropping that works and built up part of my entrance.  It’s still a work in progress but the front looks decent so far.



Server OS Updates Starting (930 MST)

Should be starting this round of Server OS Security updates at 930 MST and they should be complete at 1000 MST.
Thanks for the cooperation. 🙂

Your love is like a Rollercoaster baby, baby

Hmm, that actually gives me another idea for my amusement park.  I’ll have to add it to my ever growing list of ideas for this place.  I can however, cross off one of my projects.  My giant, wooden, roller coaster beast is now complete.  It took just under 40,000 fences (I had almost 1,000 placed prior to this project) to get the look I wanted.  It also is why most people do stuff like this in creative or find some other look to go with.




Here’s an emo shot of it at night.





Another shot at night looking up the initial ramp.  I originally planned this to only use boosters on the first hill.  Something with this last patch seems to have broken it though.  Not sure what changed.





Wait for the drop…





A shot of the scenic first turn





This coaster also has an automatic start and cart return system thanks to the new hoppers.  I think I may implement it in all my rides that don’t require specific timing like my haunted house did.  I still need a name for all my rides so I’m open to suggestions.

Off to work on the next project.