Quest for the witch part 1

I got my haunted house ride finished finally.  It still needs the queue built and some extra details fixed but it is now fully functional.  I felt like taking a break from it for a bit and also didn’t feel like working on the cow farm so I instead went exploring.  The goal is to find a witch’s hut and build and witch farm.


So far no such luck, but then again I didn’t get very far.  I did discover a desert village (didn’t know they made these).  The villagers are even more dumb here.  They walk onto cacti and damage themselves.  I removed most nearby cacti but didn’t have enough to wall in the village. If anyone wants to build a wall go for it.



I also found a Jungle Temple.  It’s pretty neat and I already looted it but I’ll leave the building since I got plenty of mossy cobble already:



I do see some swamp in the distance so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some more success finding a witch.