I moved the spawn from the side of Sefjwm’s base to the intersection on the cobblestone path so we can make a nice welcome building up there if you guys want.

Also i started fixing some of the ugly tears that we have (see below)

Dangerzone Dynamic Map - Google Chrome_2013-08-29_10-34-48

Josh deleted this last time

Josh said I didn’t post enough, then he deletes the post I add. And he wonders why I don’t post more. 😛

So here it is again…


Slime farm rebuilt

I finished rebuilding my slime farm.  It’s in the lower level of the brewing building.  There is a lever that lets you select between auto killing the slimes and letting them fill the room so you can kill for exp.




We should be back up and running 100% with our new hardware 🙂

If you notice an issue and or lag please feel free to contact us at Admin@Dangerzone.biz or Twitter @Webstas

It was touch and Go….. Iceman

SO…. anyhoo  yeah…

So the server PSU decided to send 7.983VDC down the 3.3 volt rail thus sending the server into a sad state 🙁

SO, i rushed to bestbuy (we had a cleansing of the spirits afterwards) and purchased a new TT PSU but to my dismay i had found that it had slain other components.

Then the fun started i spent roughly 6 hours creating a “franken”server out of parts i had and parts my neighbors had.

what we are left with is a “working” server running in minimal mode (because instead of 8 gigs of ram we only get 2).

Go easy on her fellas, i should have more ram and or new components shortly

(below is shots of the frankenserver)


Diag lights that were previously all red. now a happy shade of green