Covering costs / Updating

We are looking for Donations to Cover Costs, Update hardware, and get a new WP theme


Checked Logs and updated Banned Griefers


Library floor should be done now finally.  Garden floor is next.



All done!


Moar building

With a lot of my massive projects finished I wanted to work on some smaller projects.  The whole reason I built the blaze spawner was because I was hunting blaze rods to make a brewing room.  It still needs to be wired but I think I got the main brewing room complete.  Once it’s done if should drop the items needed to brew depending on which buttons you push.



As with everything I do I get distracted.  To make fermented spider eyes used in brewing you need to use brown mushrooms.  The completely nerfed mushroom growth a while back which effectively killed my original mushroom farm.  Luckily it is still doable.  Instead of a horizontal setup however you need to build vertically.  While working on this I managed to die and lose all my items too 🙁  Luckily I wasn’t carrying anything super valuable.  Here is what I got so far.