Dangerzone updated to 1.7.8.  Only some skin fixes and minor bugfixes in it.

Updated MC

Minecraft Server Version

Currently Installed Version 1.7.7


Latest Version
Installed Version Professional

Server Icons

With the new updates we can now add a server icon that shows in the list.  It has to be a 64×64 png and here are some ideas:


For dangerzone:







For the forge server:



These are just ideas unless someone has better suggestions.

New Clean look

After the latest updates were installed the theme we were using got messed up, so i customized one for us that is alot cleaner and easier to use.  I hope this will encourage people to post pictures of their projects and comment on others.  If you don’t have a login to the blog email Admin@dangerzone.biz or hit up Sefjwm or Webstas in game.