Seeing as I have watermelon sections in my farm I decided to go looking for some seeds. From everything I read in the MC forums chest are abundant and there should be lots of seeds. This is a lie! My first mineshaft exploration I did weeks ago was fruitless (pun intended) so I set off south this time starting from above ground. I successfully created a cool mushroom shelter and started digging. Shortly I found a ridiculously massive mineshaft network. In two days searching however there were only 2 chests. I killed 12 blue spider spawners and enough blue spiders to amass 4 stacks of string. I also found tons of tracks and ores.

One particular room had everything:

This short paragraph of my journey makes it seem not so bad but I was really getting sick of going to tunnel after tunnel with nothing to show. By nothing I mean I got all this stuff and more before finally getting some seeds:

Luckily pumpkin seeds can be crafted. The 10 or so new cds however…:(