1.7 is here!

1.7 has been released to vanilla. There is only one problem. Structures in 1.7 break if you don’t load them in 1.6.4 first. Bukkit finally updated to 1.6.4 so I installed that. They also have a mod to run so you don’t have to manually visit every structure but just in case try and visit all your known structures (nether fortress, witch huts, an strongholds. We’ll run the mod asap and then move to 1.7 as soon as we can.

Connection issues

And of course as soon as we add the monitoring to the front page the connection goes to crap. Pings have been really bad and there isn’t a whole lot we can do right now. Josh is on a cruise so I’m not sure what sort of access he’ll have to fix anything and it seems mostly like Comcast is screwing up yet again.

Ping status added

In order to help people know when Comcast is being slow we added a ping section above the server status. It refreshes when you refresh the page. Normally the ping should be under 100ms but anything 200ms or lower should not be noticeable in game. Anything consistently over 300ms is going to cause a lot of slowdown and glitches in game.