New World Spawn is Finished!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but I finally got around to it.  We put the world spawn at -3000 64 -1000.  It’s purposefully in the middle of an ocean to prevent passive mob spawns and to avoid any lag inducing contraptions.  This should help with some of the server wide lag and allow for passive mobs to spawn more frequently in other areas.  It’s a simple platform with a room full of starter stuff and a track to the main nether hub.

Jordan’s new town

For the last I don’t know how many months I’ve been working on this new town.  It’s kind of a ways out there and it is only just getting started, but I thought that I would give little updates as I finish things.  So first up is a fortress that is set up to overlook what will be the main gate.  Anybody can come stop by the coordinates are X=-3812, Y=4061.  There is a horse friendly path in the nether out to a portal at X=-381, Y=485 (Go out the green side of the nether hub and left and follow the path).  Also can check progress on the dangerzone map!

The front of the main gate. Still need to do some landscaping around it.
Center is the commander’s tower on the left is the barracks.
The cozy commander’s quarters.
Aerial shot from the wall.
The barracks, not much personal space for the soldiers.
As you approach the gate looking into the courtyard and past that into the stables.
The stables, horses stop stepping on your food.

End Farm Finished!

Finally finished the end farm and it’s by far the fastest exp farm I’ve used.  It’ll be great for all your mending and enchanting needs.  Building it was pretty scary though.  When the only spawnable spaces are around you, there tends to be a bit of an Enderman infestation:



To start there’s a short ride to get away from the end islands.



Then you hit a viewing area to take in the beauty of this farm.



There is a hall of chests and an all inclusive enchanting area with table, bookshelves and anvils.



The farm will start empty…



…but after a few seconds.