First charged creeper!!

Just randomly noticed that my charged creeper farm finally has a charged creeper in it.  I’m almost done with all the redstone and minecart stuff to actually have this farm fully functional but at least now I got my first test subject for when the system is all ready.


Mob farm almost done

Got the main structure of the mob farm done.  Now just to wire it up and add the mob sorting systems and killing chambers.


New World Spawn is Finished!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but I finally got around to it.  We put the world spawn at -3000 64 -1000.  It’s purposefully in the middle of an ocean to prevent passive mob spawns and to avoid any lag inducing contraptions.  This should help with some of the server wide lag and allow for passive mobs to spawn more frequently in other areas.  It’s a simple platform with a room full of starter stuff and a track to the main nether hub.

New World Spawn in Progress

Please be excite!