Fishing room

A long time ago I built a fishing hut for name tags. Now that 1.9 is here it’s a relatively easy way the get mending books.  I got sick of sorting through the chests so I decided to build a crazy and over complicated fishing room to handle the loot.



It still needs some banners but it’s pretty much done.



One wall sorts the stackable items and keeps the ones that are more unique.



On the opposite wall goes all the unsortable items.  Once you pull out everything you want to keep from the bottom chests the lever auto flushes everything left.  If you ever need a saddle then this is the place to go as well.



On the far wall is the library for all the different kinds of enchanted books.



Everything else you could need is on this wall.  It comes complete with magical fish tank (this stupid thing took more work than everything else to do >.>).

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