So as I was talking about the other day I decided to go to some random island and make a new mine. This has turned out incredibly fruitful. Not only did I find two monster spawners but I also found even bigger cave system than I have seen in mine, Hoff’s or Josh’s areas. I also found a new technique for lava problems.


I dump water on them:


Can you tell from this screen shot what else I found? I’ll give you a hint, they are both green:




That’s right I found a cd and I found this guy:

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  1. Just SE of my main base. I have a small mine house there but it’s kind of hidden on the map since it’s dirt. Weird thing is I didn’t find it going down but coming back out it was just sitting there. I can show you guys where it is. There’s also a ton of relatively safe Obsidian to farm that I’m tired of doing and lots of cave left to wander.

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