Minecraft 1.2.4 is out

Don’t update untill the server does, we lose dynmap and all plugins if we update before the bukkit release is done. for information see this post in the forum

to see the progress on the 1.2.4 bukkit build check here

Change log

Chat history and much better chat editing
A few new decoration blocks
“Back” and “Quit” buttons to OutOfMemoryScreen
Made cats more realistic (read: probably annoying). I hope it’s enough to cancel out any joy you may receive from the previous feature!
Added a “minimal” debug menu for testing with. Shift+F3 to hide the graphs.
Made placing half blocks on existing half blocks (to make a full block) easier
Limit framerate on menu screens, no longer uses 100% cpu and make my computer melt
Fixed fatal crash for converted worlds to anvil, when there’s blocks at max height
Fixed an old bug with signs clearing text while you’re editing them in SMP
Fixed crash when logging in while there are blocks at maxheight at spawn
Fixed TNT ghosts in multiplayer
Fixed storage minecarts dropping enchanted items
Fixed crashes on invalid server addresses when joining a server
Fixed entities being uninteractable if they existed at login (Multiplayer)
Fixed dupe exploit with paintings
Fixed furnaces and dispensers dropping enchanted items
Fixed the “flickering” of chat as it vanishes off the screen
Fixed text rendering over items in the container screens
Fixed exploit with jungle saplings (turns other saplings into jungle ones)
Fixed launcher opening minecraft dir if the path contains a space
Fixed an off-by-one lighting bug
Fixed block transmuting (turning one block into another via pistons)
Fixed placing mushrooms in daylight, where they can’t survive
Fixed redstone lamps dropping powered block items when destroyed while on
“save-all” (server) now works even when you have toggled “save-off”
Fixed turning half-blocks into full-blocks while you’re standing on them
Fixed seed displaying in F3 debug when the seed is unknown (multiplayer)
Fixed villager texture changing clientside per profession
Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift
Fixed players falling when reconnecting to servers where they were previously flying

Special thanks to the new hires from Bukkit for this huge list of fixes!




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