Nether Fortress!!

Thanks Josh for scouting out this place.  I’ve secured a lot of the path and made it partially ghast proof.  It still needs work but I ran out of cobble.  I also built a safe house with a portal to the surface for saving, harvesting and creation.  I also secured both blaze spawners including making a killing area for one of them.  Do not destroy the spawners.  Having them gives us unlimited blaze we can farm.  I forgot to take a pic of the nether wart but the fortress has some.  Don’t harvest until they are fully grown or you will only ever get 1 seed per plant.  I’ll make a farm later.  I also have plans for a gold farm.  It’s going to be a pain but if you guys can start helping me gather cobble, wood, and tracks I can get moving on it.  Now for the pics from my adventures:



Blaze spawner

Killing hole (hehe I said hole)

Magma slime

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