Haunted House Improvements

I’ve moved back to the amusement park for now.  I laid out some areas for new rides but got distracted fixing and improving the haunted house.  The old dining table was ugly fence posts and wooden plates.  I upgraded to dark wood with seats, placemats and a table runner for some color.  I also added some cobwebs everywhere.




There was a lot of problems with my redstone so I fixed the clock, flip flops and added some slow track to slow the cart enough to see everything. It isn’t perfect but the game limits the control over cart speed. In the empty space by the fire hazard I added a library.

haunted library


Lastly I switched out the flowers and gravel for some new ones and podzol. The graves now move and the descent to hell now has a fake path with knockback.


haunted graves


I still have some outside stuff to work on but the ride should be pretty much completed now.

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